Executive Recruiting

What is the Gold Standard for Executive Recruiting?  This is an approach that is a completely different and unique when compared to other recruiting firms, which are more body shops than any semblance of an intuitive process.

We focus on finding quality candidates from day one, primarily through our network and personal relationships.  Instead of utilizing the standard mass email/database/cold call approach to locating quality candidates, GoldSRD establishes personal contact with each candidate through face-to-face meetings, personality tests and deep dives into their experience.

We not only have a unique approach to identifying the best candidates but not every qualified candidate is a good fit for each position.  Based on our personality and cultural assessment, we attempt to find the best candidate that fits the organization culturally.

We try to personalize each client/candidate experience and, through our vast experience in People-Centric skills, are able to locate the best candidate for your permanent placement. 

Contact us learn how our search solutions can help your company gain a competitive edge by utilizing our refined approach to attracting top talent permanently.


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