Practical Ethics 5.0

Annually, GoldSRD rewrites our signature course, Practical Ethics, to look for a fresh take on reiterating the importance of ethics in our industry in addition to challenging our current perspectives. Each webinar can be purchased for $50.00 per person and discounts are offered to organizations with five or more attendees (when registering 5+ team members, please email with all relevant team member information and you will be invoiced separately).

Dates Available:

April 25th
July 25th
October 31st
December 5th
December 12th

Virtual Seminars

GoldSRD will continue to offer our most popular seminars virtually throughout 2022. If there are other courses you are interested in attending virtually, please email as we have numerous potential options. All courses are NASBA-certified. Please check back periodically as we will add additional courses throughout the year. Current virtual public offerings for the first half of 2022 include:

IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors

February 23-24 (11:00-3:00pm CST)
June 29-30 (11:00-3:00pm CST)
Project Management (please make this a hyperlink to our Project Management course description)

April 20-21 (11:00-3:00pm CST)
Audit 101.5: Experienced Auditor Bootcamp (please make this a hyperlink to our Audit 101.5 course description)

March 24-25 (11:00-3:00pm CST)
Audit 301: Audit Manager Bootcamp (please make this a hyperlink to our Audit 301 course description)

May 17-18 (9:00-1:00pm CST)

Please Note: All virtual seminars require a minimum of 15 attendees. If we do not meet this minimum attendance, all attendees will be offered a discounted attendance at a future date or a full refund.

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