Agile project management, since its inception in software development, has been successfully deployed in many different industries and processes.  It has now become prevalent in the internal audit industry but is still widely misunderstood.

GoldSRD has successfully implemented the Agile methodology in numerous internal audit departments.  Scrum, the most popular and commonly applied in internal audit, is not a one size fits all implementation.  GoldSRD’s Agile methodology starts with the most important aspect of implementation: the Agile Maturity Assessment.  We will assess the current state of the organization and its willingness and ability to successfully implement the Agile methodology in internal auditing.  The assessment includes:

  • Current corporate culture
  • Current project management methodologies utilized in the organization
  • Understanding of Agile inside the organization
  • Understanding of Agile inside internal audit
  • Skillset of current internal audit team

From this assessment, we will work hand in hand with clients to create an implementation plan that will be the most efficient and effective to serve their needs.  Additionally, the assessment will assist in determining what level of Agile methodology will fit best in the organization.  This will allow internal audit to focus on stakeholder needs, accelerate audit cycles, drive valuable and timely insights, reduce waste and create less documentation.  The question does remain: can an internal audit be agile and still meet the IIA Standards?  Our Agile approach gives clients the opportunity meet IIA Standards; and still drive efficiency, efficacy, and innovation in any organization.

Contact us to learn how GoldSRD can assist you in understanding Agile auditing methodologies, how well they fit your organization and what is the best process forward. 

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