Audit Team Building

Seminar Overview

An Overview on the Basics of Optimizing Team Building

Participants will learn best practices on team building, member roles, decision-making and problem solving. Additionally, we will discuss optimized leadership characteristics and conflict management.

Who Should Attend
All groups who would like to further enhance their team building skills
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the differences in decision-making and problem solving, procedures and methods
  • Learn how to effectively communicate
  • Learn how to distinguish different types of team communication and managing team conflicts

I. Team Member Roles
     a. Task Roles
          i. Audit Staff
          ii. Audit Senior
          iii. Audit Manager
     b. Process Roles
     c. Dysfunctional Team Member Behaviors
     d. Role Versatility

II. Team Communication
     a. Communication Process
          i. Sender – encodes
          ii.  Receiver – decodes
     b. Task Communication
     c. Process Communication
     d. Communication Channels
          i. Facts
          ii. Feelings
          iii. Values
          iv. Opinions
     e. Active Listening
     f. Giving Feedback

III. Decision Making and Problem Solving
     a. Difference between Decision Making and Problem Solving
     b. Decision Making Procedures
     c. Decision Making Methods
     d. Problem Solving Steps

IV. Knowledge Base
     a. Open Communications inside the Organization
     b. Knowledge is Half the Battle
     c. Working with DSR’s/3rd Parties

V. Generational Differences
     a. The Varying Generations
     b. Hot Buttons
     c. How to Treat each Generation