Continuous GRC

Seminar Overview

A One Day Detailed Course on All Aspects of Continuous Auditing and Monitoring

Continuous auditing has changed the internal auditing paradigm from periodic reviews of a small sample of transactions to ongoing audit testing of volumes of transactions. This seminar focuses identifying what must be done to make effective use of information technology in support of continuous auditing.
This timely, one-day seminar is designed for internal audit management, compliance managers, controllers, CFO’s and others who have to create value within the internal audit function.

Who Should Attend
Financial, Operational, and Information Technology Auditors wanting to learn the basics of continuous auditing and monitoring.
  • General overview of the concepts of continuous auditing and monitoring, including key terms.
  • How to optimize usage of CA and CM in internal audit departments
  • Use of CA/CM to deter fraud.


I. What is CGRC and CA/CM and Types
     a. Data Analytics
     b. Continuous Monitoring
     c. Continuous Auditing
     d. Continuous Risk Assessment
     e. Continuous Controls Monitoring
     f. Data Warehousing
     g. Data Mining
     h. Fraud Detection Tool

II. Controls Monitoring/COSO Overview

III. How to Use CA/CM in Your Organization
     a. Benefits
     b. Meta Control
     c. Where to Apply Data Analytics
     d. Generic Continuous Auditing Approach
     e.  Data Analytics Opportunities

IV. Benford’s Law

V.  Using CA/CM to Detect Fraud

VI. Fraud Red Flags

VII. Comprehensive Example Using ACL